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The Desert Fish is officially selected at the 27th International Festival of Films For Children & Young Adults, Iran. Congrats to the team and everyone who supported us.

.فیلم سینمایی ماهی کویر به بخش مسابقهٔ جشنواره کودک اصفهان، ایران راه پیدا کرد. به تمامی کسانی‌ که در ساخت این فیلم شرکت داشتند و ما را یاری دادند تبریک می‌گوییم



About the Film

Filmed on-location in the Provinces of Semnan and Baluchestan, Iran: ‘The Desert Fish’ is a project that in many ways is the first of its kind. Independently produced and directed by award-winning Canadian filmmaker Mohammad Ghorbankarimi, the film merges poetic-lyricism with realism into a beautiful narrative and a cinematographic feast for the eyes.

Spanning more than 2000 kilometers of never-before-filmed countryside, ‘The Desert Fish’ follows the haunting journey of a young boy in search of his mother who was lost at sea more than eight years ago. And through his search, we witness a theme common to the human condition: The enduring love of a child for his parents… and the extent to which he will make personal sacrifices for a chance at happiness.

‘The Desert Fish’ reveals a world rich in color, texture and emotion. A real place, full of life… affected by both political and environmental change, wherein the story of a simple Baluchi boy speaks very loudly about the trials of adolescence… the philosophy of hope… the reality of loss… and the possibility of Redemption.

Photos by Omid Salehi

Director’s Statement

I'm a Canadian-Iranian filmmaker, working in Canada since 1998 as a director and visual effects supervisor. I have been eager to go back to Iran and apply my North American filmmaking experience to the production of a feature film in Iran. Iran is a nation that holds within it a diverse set of ancient cultures, languages and religions. As an immigrant, I was challenged with cultural difference and faced firsthand the challenges of my words being lost in translation. I therefore felt very deeply the desire to tell a simple, pure story of a young Iranian boy who faces similar challenges, albeit within his home country of Iran. THE DESERT FISH is, quite literally, a fish-out-of-water tale. It follows the plight of a boy who follows his dream, with the courage to face all the consequences that this brings. It shows us the difficulty of being uprooted from a seaside existence to a desert landscape. Most importantly, it inspires us to believe in our feelings for one another, for our family and for our destiny.



A cinematographic feast for the eyes, 'The Desert Fish' spans more than 2000 kilometres of stunning, never-before-filmed Iranian countryside. Told through the arc of a young boy in search of his mother who was lost at sea more than eight years ago, the poetic film inspires hope. Featuring a must-see performance by newcomer Iman Afshar, the unique film is a testament to the power of international collaboration. Written like a fable, it morphs elements of magic, tragedy, young love and the trials of adolescence into a powerful tale of redemption... and ultimately reveals how much a child will sacrifice for a chance at happiness.